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This is how you can help....

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

Injured and disabled workers are under direct attack. As a result of the deregulation of the California Workers Compensation System, insurance companies can refuse to care for injured and disabled workers and are not penalized. Governor Schwarzenegger and the Democrats have passed a bill that destroys our health and safety.

Already, injured workers have been unable to get proper medical care for their occupational injuries and disability payments for their housing and their families. Some workers have become so despondent and desperate and have committed suicide. We cannot afford to let this continue. While profits are going up for the insurance billionaires like Warren Buffet, retraining benefits have been drastically cut or have been entirely eliminated altogether, and now Workers Compensation benefits have been limited to two years. The radio & Television medias have ignored and censored the plight of the injured workers. Instead of exposing the daily nightmares that we face, they are only concerned about the insurance companies and the employers. Workers Compensation was established to protect the rights of injured workers and not to create outrageous profits for the insurance companies, yet they are making gigantic profits off of the misery of California's injured workers.

Health and safety of the job is also being threatened. When workers realize that they will not be receiving care when they are injured on the job, this will create even more stressful and dangerous conditions on the job. Every day In California two workers die on the job, and this is bound to grow unless injured and disabled workers along with their families and the entire labor movement stand together NOW to defend our basic rights. We need tens of thousands of injured and disabled workers in Sacramento on April 28th.

At the same time, we believe that ALL workers should be entitled to healthcare. We need to push now for single payer healthcare in California and get the insurance companies out of the healthcare industry.

Please join our organizing committee and we will provide a speaker and videos for organizing. Also, if you can, get your union, labor council or community organization to endorse this rally and get a bus.