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UAL Maintenance Workers Beaten Down Not To Report Safety Problems & FAA Cover-up

by UAL Mechanic

UAL Maintenance Workers Beaten Down Not To Report Safety Problems as an employee of United Airlines , I have alot of Concern with Safety.
United is an accident waiting to happen.
First off, United has laid-off too many Aircraft Mechanics. The Airplanes are falling apart. To cut maintenance personal, United has drastically cut the way it maintains it's Aircraft. Of Course they got the OK from the FAA, so in some way the FAA is Guilty for the lack of Maintenance.
As a Ramp Service Employee I see Airplanes with worn brakes, beyond serviceable limits, when I report it to maintenance, I am told :We don't check brakes on a "Walk-Around".
Ramp Service Employees do "walk Arounds" (visual inspections), yet most of them have told me they don't know what they are looking for.
If you observe the Pilots doing a Walk Around, most do a very poor job of it.
At night most pilot's use a light which hardly shines at all.

Some Aircraft Mechanic at United, get into trouble because of writing up defects found.
I wish you or someone could investigate this.
Employee moral is nonexistent. United Airlines has beaten down it's Employees.
United is an Accident Waiting to Happen due to Mis-Management, Greed on the part of top management. Namely CEO Glenn Titon.