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Open Letter To President Obama & Attorney General Holder On National Systemic Corruption and Terrorism Against Injured Workers and Whistleblowers  At Adventist Health System

Barbara Clark RN, NP
c/o 8200 Stockdale Highway M10 #230
Bakersfield, CA 93301

October 9, 2010

Hon. Barrack Hussein Obama
c/o The Old Executive Office Building
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20500

Eric Holder, Jr.
Attorney General 
U.S. Department of Justice 
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20001 

Subj: Gross violations of Federal Racketeering laws and systemic Medicare Fraud by Adventist Health Systems Nationwide.

Dear President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.,

We are writing this letter to you to make sure you are aware of a systemic national criminal conspiracy to shift liability for workers compensation claims to the Federal government and the cover-up in ten states of liability for deaths and other injuries of the patients of the Adventist Healthcare System. We are also victims of terrorism by this corporation to silence our speaking out and limit their liability and legal responsibility. 

This cover-up also uses the vulnerability of the electronification of medical records and workers compensation records with no hard copy back-up and the ability to easily manipulate these records by unscrupulous hospitals, doctors and the insurance industry.

In the case of Adventist Healthcare System, this has come to a head after an employee, Patricia Moleski, discovered that records regarding patient death and Worker Compensation employee records were illegally altered to limit or eliminate AHS’liability. She went undercover with the FBI to allow them to obtain further information about this criminal enterprise and was even wired.

Instead of protecting Patricia Moleski, the FBI is now refusing to take her calls and is missing in action MIA. We believe that you have the responsibility to pursue the investigation of the Adventist Healthcare System and to protect those whistle blowers who have put themselves in jeopardy in the cause of justice and human rights.

In addition, Moleski has reported and opened claims with OSHA, DOJ, Attorney General (Florida), GAP Government Accountability Project, POGO Project on Government Oversight, Department of Labor, The EEOC, The Government Healthcare Administration, Senators Grassley & McCain, The Senate Finance Committee. Moleski has been asked to testify before the Senate Finance Committee and agrees to do so. 

As you are also well aware, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

launched the Sentinel Initiative, a database of databases that will access the private health information of all Americans via the use of electronic medical records.   It is interesting to note that the chief architect of this system is a federal contractor in your home state; 

RTI International
230 W Monroe, Suite 2100
Chicago, IL 60606

Considering the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) dismal record of criminal enforcement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the horrible reviews of FDA cyber-security by the Government Accounting Office (GAO), the Sentinel Initiative appears to be another poorly designed database that will leak the personal details of a patient’s medical history to the

Cyber-hackers are not the major problem here, it is the Health care facilities such as the Adventist Health System that uses this technology to manipulate medical files, delete pertinent medical information and also manipulate health care, by altering records, bills and events in order to save money, including a way to bill the federal Medicare program and others for charges grossly inflated, duplicated and falsified. It allows such an organization to avoid paying workers’ compensation liabilities.

Attorney General Eric Holder seems to remain blind to the massive Medicare fraud in California and other states in the form of cost shifting private workers compensation liabilities to the federal Medicare program (see Adventist Health). In the case of Adventist Healthcare System, the Federal government as a result of criminal workers compensation fraud by the corporation (AHS) Clark’s surgeries was paid for by the US government. This systemic massive cost shifting is not only taking place with Barbara Clark but with tens of thousands of injured workers throughout the country.

Until the American public witnesses some degree of interest by the DoJ in federal racketeering Medicare fraud, no patient can expect the DoJ to pursue criminal sanctions against health care facilities and insurance companies that seize medical records from the FDA’s Sentinel Initiative. Especially Adventist Health that owns and operates over 75 percent of rural health in America. 

When a Health care organization such as the Adventist Health Care System is able to delete and dismiss pertinent information that could possibly result in liability on their part, double and triple bill for medications and services for patients that may not even exist or have deceased by changing patient ID numbers, thus saving millions of dollars and spreading it amongst their CEO’s as yearly bonuses, while in the mean time the Federal Medicare program has to pick up the tab, one has to wonder why no agency is stepping in to stop this corruption. 

This utterly woeful reckless disregard of patient medical record confidentiality and federal racketeering Medicare fraud is costing the government and the taxpayers millions of dollars each year.

There is an easy answer to that question and concern. 

For over a decade, Barbara Clark has informed you and many other agencies about this national systemic fraud. In the end her concerns have fallen on deaf ears with agencies ranging from the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR California), FBI, Judges, only to name a few. Instead injunctions are being brought against us, restraining orders are put in place, so that we no longer are allowed to file letters of complaints to the Federal Government and then it is testified under oath by Adventist corporate officers that death threat letters were issued against them. Although no one has yet to be able to produce any such letters. We are told that “political decisions were made not to prosecute Fraud” after cases are forwarded to the District Attorney for prosecution.(Ed Jagels District Attorney, Bakersfield, CA)

Our homes have been shot at, we have been chased by investigators who attempt to run us off the road and our families are destroyed. Earlier last month Moleski had an arson attack on her vehicle. Frivolous injunctions are filed against us. Restraining orders are filed against us. Every trick is used to deny us our constitutional right to free speech and pursuit of justice. 

Clark has done the same, which got her 8 “sham” restraining orders, she was no longer allowed to file complaints to the Federal Government and its agencies.

Your Office must take this seriously, since people are dying, being killed and abused, harassed and destroyed by this organization. If the above mentioned choose to ignore this plea for help, one can assume that once again the Adventist Health System has used plenty of money to bribe, intimidate and extort members of this Administration.

It is time that the President and Attorney General take action to protect injured workers, whistle blowers and the targeting of those who expose what we to believe to be a national criminal operation.


Kindest Regards

Barbara Clark.
Patricia Moleski