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SF Labor Council Demands
The Gov Jerry Brown Ends Furlough
of Ca-OSHA Inspectors &
Restore Medical Unit


Initiated By California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day

Whereas, the protection of the health and safety of California's workers is critical; and

Whereas, the 196 Ca-OSHA inspectors have been furloughed by previous Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger; and

Whereas, these inspectors salaries are paid for by grants and premiums from Workers Compensation Insurance; and

Whereas, their salaries have nothing to do with the state budget crisis; and

Whereas, the impact of a 3 day a month furlough has a dangerous impact on the ability of these inspectors to enforce the rules and regulations of Ca-OSHA and protect the safety and health of California workers and the public; and

Whereas, the furloughs continue under Governor Jerry Brown's administration; and

Whereas, there are more Fish and Game Inspectors than Ca-OSHA inspectors in California; and

Whereas, Under Governor Schwarzenegger only one half time doctor at Ca- OSHA remains for California's 17 million workers; and

Whereas, new dangers and diseases in biotech and nano-tech require professional medical training with MD's for investigation; and

Whereas, the right of California's workforce to have a professional medical staff in Ca-OSHA is crucial to their health and safety protection; and

Whereas, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire which killed 146 mostly Jewish and Italian immigrant garment workers in New York and the need to commemorate their fight for health and safety then and today,

Therefore be it Resolved that the San Francisco Labor Council calls for the immediate cancellation of all furloughs of Ca-OSHA inspectors and the full staffing of 7 doctors for a professional medical staff unit in Ca-OSHA to protect the health and safety of California worker and,

Be it Further Resolved that this Council supports the San Francisco Workers Memorial Day in San Francisco on April 28, 2011 at ILWU Local 34 initiated by the California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day and

Be it Finally Resolved the SFLC calls on all other affiliated bodies and organizations to concur in this action and to send letters to their California legislative representatives and California Governor Jerry Brown for action on these requests.

Submitted by David Williams, SEIU 1021, and adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council on April 11, 2011.


Tim Paulson
Executive Director